If there’s one constant in life, it’s that technology changes rapidly. Even things that were once considered essential can become obsolete within a few years or decade. Pagers were essential in the 80s until they were replaced by cellphones. Cassette tapes were the definitive way to buy music until they were replaced by DVDs and digital downloads. Just like tapes and pagers, your cable box is a relic of the past that needs to go away. Vu Stream TV lets you cut the cord without giving up the things you love to watch on television.

Video streaming services have been around for over 15 years. They replaced video rental stores a decade ago and now, that same model of affordability and convenience is being applied to over the air and cable television. Video streaming services started by showing old movies and television shows, but Vu Stream TV goes a step further. We offer the most popular live tv channels and a wide selection of on demand movies and tv shows.

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Vu Stream TV offers all the most popular U.S .TV channels for the low cost of $25 per month. We carry all the most popular channels and live sports packages, all for one low monthly cost. There is even a benefit for international customers or those who enjoy watching programs in another language. Vu Stream TV includes channels from Canada, UK, Spanish & French sources. Besides the live TV options, subscribers also get access to a huge catalog of on-demand content. Viewers get instant access to more than 25,000 on demand movies and tv shows at no extra cost

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Another benefit of cutting the cord by using Vu Stream TV is that you have more access to the shows you love. Traditional cable services require a cable box that’s wired to a system, which limits TV watching to the home and on traditional TV or monitor. VU Stream TV has multiple viewing options, including using an Amazon Firestick, of FireTV, a SmartTV from LG or Samsung, an Android Box, PC or MAC, mobile devices and more. This means you can take your Vu Stream TV experience with you, wherever you go. You can even watch Vu Stream TV on up to four different devices at once using one account!

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Vu Stream TV is a legitimate media service, not a shady service that illegal takes content. This means you don’t have to worry about your access to content being cancelled out of the blue. A smart business model is how Vu Stream TV is able to provide the same channels at cable services at a fraction of the cost. By using the internet, instead of traditional cable wires, we have significantly lower overhead. For example, we don’t have to pay any for technicians or installers which slashes the amount of labor hours and man power needed. This is how we are able to offer lower prices than cable with the same channel selection.

In 2018, the average price paid for cable was around $107. That’s over $1,250 a year, which is 2 percent of the median annual income for an American household. You can slash that amount by 75 percent by switching VU Stream TV without sacrificing the channels you love the most. It’s time to cut the cord!

If you’re ready to cut the cord and join the VU Stream TV revolution, visit our website to sign up and get started. There’s no physical installation involved, so all you need to do is set up your account and download the app or software. So you can start enjoying high-quality entertainment without breaking the bank today. You can even get a one-day free trial when you sign up to see how much you like.