The average consumer spends nearly $70 per month on cable television. When you consider the number of channels you get, that sounds like a bargain at $.30 per channel. However, out of the hundreds of channels on the average cable package, most consumers only watch a small fraction of the content they are paying for. This reality is behind the trend among consumers to cut the cord and rely on content online for entertainment. Many of these consumers accept limited options as the price they pay for cheaper entertainment, but that doesn’t have to be the case. VU Stream TV allows customers to cut the cord on cable without sacrificing content.

VU Stream TV only costs $25 per month, and with a price so low, it’s little wonder that people wonder how much you can get for that price. The answer is a lot. VU Stream TV has more than 600 channels, and that includes all of the most popular channels in the U.S. VU Stream TV has access to cable channels, premium movie channels, and even sports packages.

People who are thinking about a cable-free life worry about network television shows they might miss. Even in an age of cable networks and Netflix, the broadcast networks that launched modern television are still the source of some of the hottest shows. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW are the networks that everyone watches and that everyone discusses online. Part of the experience for shows like American Idol and The Voice is the feeling that you are part of a live event where you can shape the outcome. However, cutting the cord to cable doesn’t mean you have to give up on broadcast channels.

If you get rid of cable, you can still watch these channels over the air with an HD antenna, but that signal can be unreliable depending on where you are. VU Stream TV has all of the major broadcast networks available, so you watch your favorite shows live (rather than waiting a few days later on Hulu or a few seasons later on Netflix).

Having access to broadcast network programming doesn’t merely mean giving you access to shows sent by the national affiliate. VU Stream TV gives you access to local programming, so you can stay connected to your community, even when you’ve disconnected your cable.

A similar concern can come from sports fans. The area of the broadcast determines the games on some channels. Just like with television broadcasting, VU Stream TV ensures that you can watch all of the local sports games. The way our systems works, you are even able to watch games that are blacked out in your region. For people who want to watch as many sports as possible, VU Stream TV is the better option.

If you’re ready to save money on your monthly entertainment bill without missing any of your favorite shows, then you need to get VU Stream TV. We have a price and selection that can’t be beaten. You can watch our programming on a variety of devices, and you can even get started today if you like.

Send us a message online if you have any questions about our service or if you need help getting set up. We even have a one-day free trial, so you can put our services to the test and see the high-quality, high-definition content you can get after you’ve cut the cord with cable.