Trusted IPTV provider – VU StreamTV brings an affordable and seamless streaming service to the US.


7/2/2018: VU StreamTV is a top-quality IPTV service provider in U.S. offering over twenty thousand on-demand movies, shows and 250+ live streams channels for multiple devices. They have a range of subscription packages starting from $25/month to $245 a year on three devices. They are also offering a 3-day trial package to show customers the full features and give them a taste of what to expect.

‘’VU StreamTV strives to give users HD IPTV subscription via high quality, leading edge technology. With decades of experience in the industry and after having garnered the trust of hundreds of satisfied customers, we have added many new features to our subscription packages so that our customers can have thousands of TV shows at their fingertips,’’ commented a spokesperson from VU Stream.

While traditional cable operators and streaming providers offer long term contracts, slow and limited connections at high costs, VU StreamTV has designed flexible, short term packages at affordable rates. The distinguishing features for VU StreamTV include easy activation, secure payment options, and multiple compatible devices. VU StreamTV carries the most popular and in-demand channels and sport shows at a cost that can be afforded by the average American.

‘’Our aim is to roll the best sport packages and TV channels in one affordable monthly subscription. We want our customers to enjoy endless hours of entertainment with friends and family without compromising the quality. We also offer a 24/7 support hotline in the US to ensure a smooth experience for our valued customers,’’ the spokesperson concluded.

A 3 day free trial doesn’t require a credit card and provides a fast sign up process. VU StreamTV is scheduled to add tons of new TV channels, series, sport shows and movies in the coming months.

About VU StreamTV?

VU StreamTV is a top IPTV subscription provider offering premium services. They offer popular USA channels for the low cost of $25/month for 3 devices. Their app is easy to use and simple to install which makes it easy for anyone to sign up quickly and start streaming HD shows.

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Phone Number: 888.420.8726